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Innovate . Celebrate . Repeat

SMLI ISUZU (SMLI) is built on strong foundation of a culture that brings together the legacy of the brand and vibrancy of today's youth. We believe that happy and healthy employees make the happy and healthy workplace which helps in any organisation to achieve its common goals. Our relationship with employees go beyond the work-life culture which help the organisation in creating a family atmosphere.

Our rich legacy gives our employees the strength to stay firm with integrity and focus while our perpetually evolving cultural scenarios provide opportunities to the employees to achieve bold targets. SMLI has given many firsts to the world of mobility in India and we firmly believe that our robust work culture has been a driving force behind our achievements so far and it will continue to be so as we steer ahead in our journey to innovate.

We also believe that happy and healthy employees make the happy and healthy workplace. Therefore our offerings to employees go beyond the monetary benefits.

Career opportunities at SML ISUZU

Learning & Development

Skill . Potential . Excel

At SMLI, we invest in one of our most important assets -EMPLOYEES. We believe in nurturing their talent and equipping them with the knowledge, skills & latest know-how to face the challenges of a dynamic business environment. We ensure that adequate training, development and growth opportunities are provided to all our employees which helps them in being groomed as better professionals.

Empowering Women

Equality . Belief . Fairness

Indian culture is undergoing a transitional phase where womenfolk are being celebrated for their talents beyond the excepted norm and gender-based chores are slowly fading away from our society. We at SMLI offering equal opportunity beyond any diversity to the women employees to empower them with strength to show their talents.

Perks & Benefits

Development . Atmosphere . Health

Apart from work-social life balance, the perk of being SMLI employee don’t stop at collaborating with great people on exciting and innovative projects. We offer a full range of benefits that support the employee and their family members. At SMLI, we ensure that you and your loved ones have the resources you need to thrive, on and off work.

  • a) Medical Policy which covers employee, spouse and kids to meet the medical expenses at time of need.
  • b) AC transportation facility to employees to offer smooth ride while commutting from home to work place.
  • c) Flexible leave structure to make balance in work-social life.
  • d) Birthday gift to employees to make their special day more memorable.
  • e) Subsidized & hygenic food facility in canteen.
  • f) Generous retirement benefits for our employees.